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25 More Days of Old Time Radio Christmas: Day 20 - Dressing up as Santa on the Phil Harris-Alice Faye Show

If you are a fan of Jack Benny, you are likely a fan of Phil Harris.  Or maybe you loved the Disney animated movies like the Jungle Book or Robin Hood that featured his voice talent.  Or maybe you like Alice Faye from radio and movies.  If any of these are true - you are in for a treat.  Today's entry in the Christmas blog is from a 1952 show from the Phil Harris-Alice Faye show.

This is the second year I have showcased different Old Time Radio programs for Christmas.  Here is a link to all the 2014 OTR Christmas entries.  If you have Sirius/XM, you can listen to Greg Bell's Old time radio channel (#148).  He does a great job of showcasing great holiday themed episodes, especially as we get closer to Christmas and the end of December.  I actually heard this driving the other week as part of the Frank Sinatra blocks that he setup to celebrate the centennial of his birth.

Views from Marshall, Michigan (Friday September 28, 2012)
Hemmingsen Rexall Drugs - Marshall, Michigan - September 2012.

The Phil Harris-Alice Faye show was on the NBC Network from 1948 through 1954.  The show featured fictionalized versions of Phil and Alice.  Among the co-stars were Elliott Lewis as his buddy Frank Remley and Walter Tetley as the obnoxious child Julius, who was a constant foil for Phil and Frankie!  These are fun shows, you get some great music and some very funny moments.

In the Christmas episode from December 21, 1952, the story opens with Phil and his brother-in-law decorating the exterior of the house for Christmas.  If that did not Phil in the holiday spirit, then what Alice did certainly should have.  She volunteered Phil to play Santa Claus in the Women's Club Christmas party and play for children.  At first, Phil refused to put on the suit, but upon seeing himself as the big man, he felt that it was a definitely the right thing to do!  But it was finally a young kid who put him in the mood for the holidays.

Par for the course, the show features some great songs from the stars.  Alice Faye sang "I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus" and Phil Harris sang "Jingle Bells."  Hope you enjoy these great comedies!

Women's Club Santa Claus (December 21, 1952)

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