Saturday, October 26, 2013

The Sealed Book (Old Time Radio)

Since I am getting all my old posts moved over to my new blog - I thought it would be useful to pickup some season-appropriate topics...hmm....old time radio....Halloween is around the maybe, THE SEALED BOOK!

I have enjoyed listening to Old Time Radio shows lately, either from the Internet Archive or via Sirius/XM Radio Channel 82.

The Sealed Book series is one of my absolute favorites - having been hooked by Greg Bell's XM channel 82. The Internet Archive sums up this radio mystery/thriller series with the lines that were read every week by host Philip Clarke to start the show (after the great gong): "keeper of the book has opened the ponderous door to the secret vault wherein is kept the great sealed book, in which is recorded all the secrets and mysteries of mankind through the ages, Here are tales of every kind, tales of murder, of madness, of dark deeds strange and terrible beyond all belief." What was very cool is how it changed in just the few episodes it ran in 1945. At first, the keeper of the sealed book spoke. But after a few episodes, the keeper of the sealed book became silent - making him far more eerie!

Here are two of my favorite episodes:

  • Welcome Home (the story about the return of the Prodigal son and the deadly consequences for he and his girl).
  • To Have and To Hold (the story about unrequited love and why that crazy aunt....well, you should never visit her).

This program was broadcast on Sunday evening from 10:30 to 11:00pm. It must have been quite spooky on an stormy night in 1945.  Sit back and enjoy these spooky tales...from THE SEALED BOOK!

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