Friday, October 25, 2013

Looking way way back to elementary school (Village School - Holmdel, NJ)

Over the Christmas break, I spent some time scanning photos that my mother had given me a while back. They, like all other photos, are heading over to flickr. I hope that my former classmates from Village School in Holmdel, New Jersey (the home of Bruce Springsteen....really) can find these images on the web. So it is funny when I have a hard time thinking about what the boys did in Kindergarten and grades 1, 2, and 3. But when I think about these times for, I have nothing. So here I am, as a really young New Jersey kid.... Village School (Holmdel, New Jersey) Class Picture (Kindergarten - 1969-1970) Kindergarten (I am the middle of the bottom row). Village School (Holmdel, New Jersey) Class Picture (1st Grade - 1970-1971) 1st Grade (I am the only one on the right of the second row). Village School (Holmdel, New Jersey) Class Picture (2nd Grade - 1971-1972) 2nd Grade (the 3rd from the left on the back row next to the teacher - who's name I cannot remember for love or money). Village School (Holmdel, New Jersey) Class Picture (3rd Grade - 1972-1973) 3rd Grade (ditto on the teacher - I am sporting the great jacket - 2nd from the left on the 3rd row). These pictures are wonderful. I hope that other people who are from Holmdel finds them - maybe they will find themselves. And the Internet should be not about SPAM, viruses, or phishing - but random acts of kindness and sharing that helps make the world a better place. Think if we all did a little bit each day - what a library that would make.


  1. Funny seeing these pics my bud jusgave me class pic 71 1st grade missthomson I like your pics
    Best chris