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An Old Time Radio Diet - "The Vegetarian" from It's Higgins, Sir!

To continue with my "Diet" theme for Old Time Radio recipes, I found a good one from a NBC Summer Replacement Series in 1951 called It's Higgins, Sir!  While the show only ran one summer (13 episodes), it really is one of those very funny series that I wish ran longer.  It is a favorite of Greg Bell on his Old time radio channel (#82) .

The premise is simple - and pretty unique.  The Roberts Family (of the United States) have a distant uncle from England, one Sir Reginald Robertson.  When Sir Reginald Robertson dies, he leaves his distant nephew their historic silver set...AND a 'Gentleman's gentleman' - one Higgins!  Higgins is played by Harry McNaughton.  The parents in the Roberts Family is played by Vinton Hayworth (the father - Philip Roberts) and Peggy Allenby (the mother - Liz).  While they only had 13 episodes, they only scratched the surface of what happens when a true Gentleman's gentleman comes and stays with an American family.

Spinach Mushroom Quiche

A Vegetarian Quiche I make (click here for the recipe)

In this episode, the family is awaiting the return of Liz from a public event so they can start dinner.  The smell of Roast Beef permeates the entire house and everyone is anxiously awaiting dinner.  But when Liz returns, but with a guest, the dinner plans are thrown a bit into flux! Accompanying Liz is one Robert St. Regis, who was actually her old flame.  She was listening to him lecture on health and proper eating and she invited him over.  While Higgins gets another setting for the guest, they are all surprised to learn that he will not be joining them with the wonderful roast beef - as Mr. St. Regis is a vegetarian!

At one point, Mr. St. Regis exclaims "I never eat meat."  

Higgins replies "How do you get it, by injection?"

Turns out that he only eats vegetables, including kelp, raw vegetables, yogurt, nuts among others.  When he finds out that Phillip Roberts gained 12 pounds over the summer, he insists that he gets on a diet to get into shape for winter.  As one might imagine, the diet does not go over very well.  But Higgins has a solution to set the family straight.  Sure, it might be dishonest, but once again, Higgins saves the day.

This is a fun episodes and one that definitely gets you in the dieting mood.

"The Vegetarian" - September 11, 1951

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