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Captain January - Shirley Temple on Old Time Radio

288/365 (March 26,2009) - Junior Theater Performance: Dear Edwina, Jr. (Saline Community Education, March 26, 2009)
Was the next Shirley Temple here? A picture from the Junior Theater (Saline, Michigan) production of Dear Edwina, Jr. on March 26, 2009.

Today we learned that the great Shirley Temple died last night in California at age 85.  It has been my practice to share with everyone some great resources about old time radio, especially understanding the shows available via the web and other sources.  A great list of Shirley Temple's programs is available at OTRCAT.com

One of the projects I have mapped out is a listing of lighthouse related radio programs.  I have been working on this for a few years, clearly very, very slowly.  But I did find a great piece that connects lighthouses, old time radio and Shirley Temple.

On January 27, 1941, Shirley Temple appeared on the Lux Radio Theater in a broadcast adaptation of the 1936 film Captain January.  The film also starred Shirley Temple and Guy Kibbee as Captain January (her adopted father).  Shirley Temple plays Star, a young orphan who is discovered in a storm by Captain January, who decides to raise her as her own.  Lux Radio Theater, like a few other programs including Screen Director's Playhouse and the Screen Guild Theater, presented radio adaptations of movies.  Given the fact that people only had the theaters as a venue to enjoy a movie back then, having another outlet was a greatly valued program.

From the RadioGOLDINdex, this is the cast that radio show:

The Lux Radio Theatre. January 27, 1941. CBS net. "Captain January". Sponsored by: Lux ("Gone With The Wind" brooch premium). A cute story about the little girl who was fished out of the ocean by two grizzled old sea captains. The story was produced subsequently on The Lux Radio Theatre on February 18, 1946 (see cat. #7247). Shirley Temple, Charles Winninger, Gene Lockhart, Cecil B. DeMille, Bob Burleson (doubles), Bobby Winkler, Charles Seel, Duane Thompson, Earle Ross, Griff Barnett, Lou Merrill (doubles), Louis Silvers (music director), Melville Ruick (announcer), Verna Felton, Sarah Selby (commercial spokesman), Lois Collier (commercial spokesman), Nancy Leach (commercial spokesman), Julie Bannon (commercial spokesman), Sam Hellman (screenwriter), Gladys Lehman (screenwriter), Harry Tugend (screenwriter), Laura E. Richards (author), Sanford Barnett (director), George Wells (adaptor), Charlie Forsyth (sound effects).

I have found a number of partial versions of the show:

I will try to get a better version out there - but thought I would share this to honor Shirley Temple on the day after her passing.

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