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Recycled Blog Posts - All my Haikus

Recycled Blog Posts - All my Haikus

These are really not great - but I wanted to save these from my old blog that is closing down.  Here are all my old haikus...probably nothing great - but hey - I wrote them.  So why not save them.  They were written primarily between May and July 2008 when I was trying to write a haiku a day.  I got thirty - so if you do the math, you will see...well, please do not do the math.  In retrospect - some of these are not bad...emphasis on "not bad."

Now that I am more interested in fiction writing, I want to make sure that I save these.  You be the judge...enjoy!

Hummingbird - May 20, 2008 
90/365/1916 (September 9, 2013) - Hummingbird (Saline, Michigan)
Forty two degrees
A hummingbird sitting still
Wings tucked on her side

Harbour Lights - May 20, 2008
ebayed Harbour Lights
Suddenly within my reach
so very tempting

MeLCat - May 22, 2008
Colder than normal
When no students are about
Better use MeLCat

Art Van - May 28, 2009
Furniture on sale
Best ever prices this weekend
Has to be Art Van

Michigan Primary - May 29, 2008
Michigan primary
Measured only one aspect
Name recognition

Hoover's (A business database I do not like) - June 3, 2008
Hoover's Disappoints
For almost all my students
Reports cost extra

Advertising here?
We pay for this database
Looks like a free site

Red Wings - June 4, 2008
Noise in HockeyTown
Fans Celebrating loudly
All from lifting the cup

Book Reviews - June 8, 2008
Cut, tighter, tighter
One seventy five in reach
Still much left to say

Jedi Shopping - June 8, 2008
Were I a jedi
Purchases would be easy
one year same as cash

Last Day of School - June 10, 2008
All Saline children
Waiting impatiently for
The last day of school

Zohan - June 11, 2008
Adam Sandler in
You Don't Mess With the Zohan
Should leave the kids home

Baseball Today - June 11, 2008
The Mets and Tigers,
Great dreams and hopes this season
Lost in a rough spring

Chipmunk - June 12, 2008
001/365 (June 12, 2008)
Delicious Chipmunk
tartare style for a hawk
Fresh catch of the day

flickr - June 14, 2008
Project Three Six Five
Persistence will be needed
A Picture a Day

George Carlin - June 23, 2008
Seven Little Words
You Cannot Say on TV
Thank you George Carlin

Arbitron - June 24, 2008
Arbitron Ratings
Listen to the Radio
And write it all down

Ford - June 24, 2008
Employee Pricing
Now from Ford, Does that mean we
will all be laid off?

Miracle Spinach - June 24, 2008
013/365 (June 24, 2008) - Miracle Spinach - Shaped like Michigan
Miracle veggie
Spinach shaped like Michigan
It was delicious

My Camera - June 24, 2008
Jonas Brothers at GM World Headquaters (Detroit, Michigan)
My Camera is
Always close, you might just see
The Jonas Brothers

Detroit - July 8, 2008
Could hydroponics
be the golden ticket for
our beloved Detroit?

Bobby Murcer - July 13, 2008
Bobby Murcer just
followed Mantle as the star,
but only himself

Ann Arbor Roasts - July 18, 2008
Espresso Royale
My new favorite taste
Locally roasted

Seattle - July 18, 2008
The Pike Street Market
You find produce, fish flying
and the first Starbucks

Hall of Fame Weekend Travels (by Car) - July 2008

on a Thurgood Marshall postcard
The greatest justice
A unique view from the bench
was justice Marshall

on a Journey to the Center of the Earth postcard from Wendy's
See any movie
while I am away this week
Enjoy the summer

Marblehead, Ohio
Near here, you once said
the llama took our bucket
a glorious day

Black flies, damn black flies
you took a hot, humid day
and made it much worse

Erie, Pennsylvania
Almost an island
off Pennsylvania's small reach
into the Great Lakes

A beautiful view
towards the radiant sunset
on peaceful Erie

Lighthouses in Ohio
Seven Ohio
lighthouses today, but missed
Poor Ashtabula

Lucky Man - February 27, 2009
Broken camera,
root canal, but a good job
I'm a lucky man.

Flapjack - February 28, 2009
Flapjack wants to go
pacing, pacing, pacing more
OK, outside now

Blackbird - March 6, 2009
On a warm morning
red-wing blackbird's call beckons
arrival of spring

Excel - May 6, 2009
Damn pivot table.
Taunting me while hiding those
elusive results

Pi-kus - March 14, 2011
NOTE: For the Free Press - they asked for this  A Haiku that instead of being 3-5-3 in syllables, is 3-1-4 (for Pi Day - March 14th).  Here are two.

Seeded eighth
Who would have guessed!

is done today

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